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Words mean things. When you put them together they speak. Yes, sometimes they flatten out and nothing they say is real, and that is one kind of magic. But sometimes a vision will rip up from them and shriek and clank wings clear as the sweat smudge on the paper under your thumb. And that is another kind.
Samuel R. Delany (via theunnovelist)

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A Quick 5-Point Checklist for Writing a Scene

There’s something to be said about being intentional with the blank page that sits directly in front of us. Maybe we won’t map out our entire book, but when we carefully make decisions about a scene before writing it, we have the potential to make it richer, fuller, and accomplish more.

1. Time & Date
[This helps] keep the timing of events realistic. Usually falling in love, character growth, and other plot events take time.

2. Point of View (POV)
Ask these questions: Whose POV would have the greatest impact for the scene? Whose POV haven’t I used lately? Whose POV can best move the plot along?

3. Setting
[Unlike stage plays, stories are] not bound by financial or artistic constraints when deciding where to have our characters act out the scene. We can put them anywhere. We can add as much variety that we want. Rather than having half our scenes in the dining room or bedroom, we can move them all over the place and make things interesting for our characters (and thus our readers). 

4. Sensory Details
What sights, smells, tastes, textures, and sounds can bring the scene alive? What other details can help set the mood of the scene? Try to make those things unique to the particular setting as well as to the POV character who is acting out the scene.

5. Scene Goals
We should be aiming to incorporate only those things into our stories that have a purpose, whether to move the plot along (related to the external, internal or romance plot), enhance our theme, build our characters, or foreshadow what’s to come.

(Source: stirtheplot, via characterandwritinghelp)

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Writing is really just a matter of writing a lot, writing consistently and having faith that you’ll continue to get better and better. Sometimes, people think that if they don’t display great talent and have some success right away, they won’t succeed. But writing is about struggling through and learning and finding out what it is about writing itself that you really love.
Laura Kasischke (via writingquotes)

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