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Check out these new products, just in time for back-to-school!

We’ve got two new posters, featuring inspirational quotes from John and Hank to decorate your walls and keep you motivated throughout the year, both designed by Risa Rodil.

PLUS, most other posters are 20% off! We want all of your wall space. ALL OF IT! And most of your ceiling.

There’s also a new spiral notebook featuring the nerdfighter crest that you can use to take notes.

TWO different pen sets, both with black ink, that will remind you daily to do your best and not forget to be awesome.

And a four-pack of folders to keep you organized!

This sale goes for TWO WEEKS ONLY (ends September 1st), so make sure to get your back to school shopping done while there’s still time!

Man, I wish I was going back to school.

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A kind follower reminded me of that '7 Cardinal Rules of Life' post going around, and they asked me if I would ever do my take on them (that being, a writerly take). Well, seeing as how I’ve been running a Writer Positivity series for over 100 posts, I thought it would be a fun chance to collect some of my favorite advice!

PS: The above are not meant to be taken as ‘literal’ rules for writing, but rather advice for leading the lifestyle of a writer~ ♥︎

Looking for more writerly content? Make sure to follow maxkirin.tumblr.com for your daily dose of writer positivity, advice, and prompts!

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We’ve done a few author weeks on social media, but this may be our best yet! In honor of Dorothy Parker’s 121st birthday on Thursday, we’re declaring it #dorothyparkerweek across our social media platforms. Be sure to follow our Twitter and instagram for info, updates and giveways. And please join us in this celebration of one of our most beloved writers.

"I hate writing, I love having written." — For her 120th birthday, last year, Mental Floss compiled some of the best, most biting Parker quotes. Read up, then join the Penguin Classics celebration! 

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